Welcome to the Pattern Recognition Lab!

Researchers and students at Pattern Recognition Lab (LME) work on the development and implementation of algorithms to classify and analyze patterns like images or speech. The research is mostly interdisciplinary and is focussed on medical- and health engineering. The LME has close national and international collaborations with other universities, research institutes and industrial partners.

Research Areas

Cognitive Computational NeuroscienceComputer VisionData Processing for Utility Infrastructure
Enterprise ComputingImage AnalysisImage Fusion
Ophthalmic ImagingPrecision LearningSpeech Processing and Language Understanding
Time Series Intelligence

At this year's ISMRM conference in Singapore, members of the Pattern Recognition Lab achieved significant recognition. Luis Carlos Rivera Monroy, Lukas Bolay and Luise Brock presented their research through well-received digital posters. Additionally, Laura Pfaff and Julian Hossbach presented their...

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The International Workshop on Multiscale Multimodal Medical Imaging (MMMI) and the International Workshop on Machine Learning for Multimodal/Multisensor Healthcare Data (ML4MHD) will be featured at the 27th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICC...

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