Inverse Problems and Applications (IPA)

IPA Group Photo November 2019
IPA Group Photo

In general, inverse problems are concerned with (1) reconstructing signals from observations and/or (2) controlling systems to a desired effect. Inverse problems occur in a variety of domains and applications, ranging from tomographic reconstruction to particle physics to machine learning.  The IPA group is dedicated to identifying and solving such inverse problems with a strong focus on radiological applications:
•    Tomographic reconstruction for different modalities under non-optimal conditions
•    Rigid and non-rigid motion estimation and correction
•    Image quality
•    Blood flow analysis
•    Ionizing radiation dose estimation and optimization

The goal of this project is the investigation of multimodal methods for the evaluation of interventional workflows in the operation room. This topic will be researched in an international project context with partners in Germany and in Brazil (UNISINOS in Porto Alegre). Methods will be developed to analyze the processes in an OR based on signals from body-worn sensors, cameras and other modalities like X-ray images recorded during the surgeries. For data analysis, techniques from the field of…

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Motion Correction for Weight-Bearing C-arm CT of Knees

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This project is about improving image quality in certain SPECT applications.

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