Nikola Kölbl Wins Best Student Paper Award at BioSMART Conference 2023

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Nicola Kölbl mit dem „Best Student Paper Award“ der BioSMART-Konferenz 2023 ausgezeichnet. Foto: Achim Schilling

Nikola Kölbl, a PhD student from the Neuroscience Lab of the University Hospital Erlangen and the FAU, has been recognized with the “Best Student Paper Award” at the renown BioSMART Conference 2023.

The awarded paper, “Adaptive ICA for Speech EEG Artifact Removal,” co-authored with Dr. Achim Schilling and Dr. Patrick Krauss, presents an innovative evaluation method to improve the extraction and interpretation of event-related potentials (ERPs) from electroencephalography (EEG) data. This significant advance is especially pertinent to the perception of continuous speech.The trio’s research offers an improved method for neurolinguistic research investigating neural processes related to speech processing. Dr. Krauss commented, “This recognition underscores the high-quality, innovative research we conduct at Erlangen’s Neuroscience Lab.”

Nicola Kölbl with the “Best Student Paper Award” of the BioSMART Conference 2023. Foto: Achim Schilling