Interventional Medical Image Processing Summer 2016

Lecture 1: Introduction to Interventional Applications
Lecture 2: Refresher Course Singular Value Decomposition
Lecture 3: Edge Detection, Structure Tensor, and Vesselness
Lecture 4: Vesselness Examples & Scale Space Introduction
Lecture 5: Feature Detectors, Key Points, SIFT, Feature Matching, Image Enhancement, Convolution, & Normalised Convolution
Lecture 6: Convolution, Normalised Convolution, Bilateral Filter, Guided Filter, Denoising für Multi-Energy X-rays and Photon-Counting Detectors
Lecture 7: Image Super Resolution in Medical Imaging
Lecture 8: Refresher Course Projection Models and Homogeneous Coordinates
Lecture 9: Magnetic Navigation, Epipolar Geometry, Fundamental Matrix, Epipolar Consistency
Lecture 10: Ultrasound, 3D Ultrasound, Factorization
Lecture 11: Random Walks for Image Segmentation

Lecture 12: Statistical Shape Models
Lecture 13: Refresher on Variational Calculus
Lecture 14: Non-rigid Registration in Medical Imaging
Lecture 15: Cardio-vascular reconstruction, ECG-gating, image-based gating, motion compensated reconstruction, motion-guided temporal filtering