Image Analysis

The Image Analysis Group is dedicated to extract information from images. Examples are the outlining of specific structures in 2D and 3D images, like extraction of pages in CT scans of books or the detection of lesions in mammographic images.

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Digital Pathology - New Approaches to the Automated Image Analysis of Histologic Slides

The pathologist is still the gold standard in the diagnosis of diseases in tissue slides. Due to its human nature, the pathologist is on one side able to flexibly adapt to the high morphological and technical variability of histologic slides but of limited objectivity due to cognitive and visual traps.

In diverse project we are applying and validating currently available tools and solutions in digital pathology but are also developing new solution in automated image analysis to complement and improve the pathologist especially in areas of quantitative image analysis.

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Automatic classification and image analysis of confocal laser endomicroscopy images

The goal of this project is to detect cancerous tissue in confocal lasermicroendoscopy (CLE) images of the oral cavity and the vocal cord. The current treatment of these diseases is a histological analysis of specimen and a surgical resection, which has a rather high long-term survival rate, or radiation therapy with a lower survival rate. An early detection of cancerous tissue could lead to a lowered complication rate for further treatment, as well as a better overall prognosis for patients. Further, an in-vivo diagnosis during operation could narrow down the area for the necessary surgical excision, which is especially beneficial for cancer of the vocal cords.

For this reason, we are applying methods of pattern recognition to facilitate and support diagnosis. We were able to show that these can be applied with high accuracies on CLE images.

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Ait4Surgery: Automatic Intraoperative Tracking for Workflow and Dose Monitoring in X-Ray-based Minimally Invasive Surgeries

The goal of this project is the investigation of multimodal methods for the evaluation of interventional workflows in the operation room. This topic will be researched in an international project context with partners in Germany and in Brazil (UNISINOS in Porto Alegre). Methods will be developed to analyze the processes in an OR based on signals from body-worn sensors, cameras and other modalities like X-ray images recorded during the surgeries. For data analysis, techniques from the field of…

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