Third MLMIR Workshop (Co-Organized by PRL/FAU)

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The third workshop on Machine Learning for Medical Image Reconstruction (MLMIR) is going to be held in conjunction with the MICCAI Conference 2020.

Professor Andreas Maier co-organized the first and second MLMIR workshops. It is great to announce that for the third edition of the workshop, Tobias Würfl (PRL/FAU) is going to be a co-organizer for this workshop.

The objective of the third edition of this workshop is to present and discuss the latest and most significant trends in application of advanced machine learning techniques for image acquisition and image reconstruction, opportunities for new applications as well as challenges in the evaluation and validation of ML based reconstruction approaches. We welcome research contributions related to the following (but not limited to) topics:

Compressed sensing methods
Sparsity and low-rank methods
Machine learning for image super-resolution
Machine learning for image synthesis
Machine learning for quantitative imaging (including MRF)
Deep learning for image reconstruction including
CNN-based approaches
RNN-based approaches
Adversarial and generative approaches
Machine learning for
X-ray CT image reconstruction
MR image reconstruction
SPECT and PET image reconstruction
Ultrasound and optical imaging
Multimodality fusion or joint image reconstruction across two or more modalities
Applications of ML for image reconstruction
Cardiac imaging
Abdominal imaging
Fetal and/or neonatal imaging
Validation of ML for image reconstruction

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Website of this year’s MLMIR Workshop: Here