COVID-19: Exams at the Pattern Recognition Lab

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The Bavarian Government has announced on April 16th that exams at Bavarian Universities will become possible starting from April 27th, 2020. Of course, many of you have been waiting eagerly for this announcement. We are also very happy that we will soon be able to take the exams again.

Obviously, we will comply with FAU’s regulations as they are announced on Please keep in mind that the transition of courses from in-person to online has created significant overheads for everybody who is involved in teaching at this university. Furthermore, many of our staff have children who will have to be taught in home school until at least the 11th of May. Hence, we will not be able to take all of the postponed exams at once.

Of course, many of our students are also busy now, because the new semester starts and they have to meet the expectations of the courses that they enrolled in. As a consequence, the most likely procedure is that we will offer exams throughout most of the Summer Term 2020. We will declare participation in those exams during the semester as optional. If you are willing to take the exams during the semester, you are free to register. If you would prefer to postpone the exam to the end of the semester, you are also welcome to do so. In any case, you will have to take an exam in order to pass your course with us.

Right now, we do not plan to do online exams. Instead, all exams are taken at the university under strong hygiene measures as we did before the lockdown of the university. We will offer rubber gloves and hand sanitizer for all students taking exams with us. Also, we will obey 2-meter-distance-rules.