Pattern Recognition Symposium Summer 2020 – Video Presentations

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It is a great pleasure to announce that ten selected presentations of the Pattern Recognition Symposium Summer 2020 will also be available as YouTube Videos:

Chang Liu – Robustness Investigations on Deep Learning CT
Faezeh Nejati Hatamian – The Effect of Data Augmentation for ECG Signal Classification
Juan Camilo Vasquez-Correa – Gammatone Convolutional Filters
Christian Marzahl – Real Deep Learning can generalise to more than one Species
Prathmesh Madhu – Understanding Compositional Structures in Art History
Mayank Patwari – Learning to Denoise Clinical Computed Tomography
Fasil Gadjimuradov – Locally-Adaptive Image Combination for Diffusion-Weighted Imaging
Philipp Klumpp – Detection of Surgical Face Masks in Speech Signals
Florian Kordon – Contour-based Axis Detection for X-ray Guided Surgery
Michael Lechner – Detecting Polymer Optical Fiber Elongation Events

We will present one of these talks every Wednesday. Depending on the availability of the authors, we try to organize a premiere with live chat.

The first presentation will be on Sept. 2nd, 20h with live-chat. So, please join us here: