Pattern Recognition Lab (@UniFAU) welcomes more than 3700 students to Summer Term 2024!

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We are very glad to welcome our students to the Summer Semester 2024! Again, we welcome many students to our lectures and we are proud to report the following numbers for our courses:

Deep Learning: 850
Cognitive Neuroscience for AI Developers: 490
Deep Learning for Beginners: 190
Introduction to Machine Learning: 740
Introduction to Software Engineering: 160
Mainframe Programming I: 56
Mainframe Programming II: 14
Pattern Analysis: 830
Flat Panel CT: 56
Seminar Speech Pathology: 23 (full)
Seminar Neuro-inspired AI: 22 (full)
Seminar Road Scene Understanding for the Visually Impaired: 28
Speech and Language Understanding: 250

With this, we reached a record number of 3709 students enrolled in our classes only in this term! Thank you very much for the great interest in our courses. If you are interested in jobs or thesis projects, please check our social media channels:

Also, make sure that you know our free online resources for learning:
Free Deep Learning Ressources
Free Medical Engineering Ressources
Free Lecture Notes
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