Join Us at the MMMI/ML4MHD Workshop at MICCAI 2024!

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The International Workshop on Multiscale Multimodal Medical Imaging (MMMI) and the International Workshop on Machine Learning for Multimodal/Multisensor Healthcare Data (ML4MHD) will be featured at the 27th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI 2024). These collaborative sessions will cover a broad spectrum of topics in multiscale and multimodal medical imaging, including advanced segmentation, acquisition and reconstruction techniques, and registration methods. It will explore data fusion across modalities, machine learning for disease diagnosis and prognosis, synthetic image generation, and novel radiomics. Participants will also delve into integrated learning from both image and non-image data, multimodal fusion across medical and computational biology fields, and the application of AI/ML to enhance diagnostics and treatment efficacy.

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