Invited Talk by Prof. Adam Wang

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On December 11th, Prof. Adam Wang from Stanford University will give a talk in our lab.

Title: Advances in x-ray CT for image guidance and diagnostic imaging
Time: 16:00 on December 11th
Room: RZ 2.037 – e-Studio

The Zeego Lab at Stanford has a dedicated research C-arm for x-ray and cone-beam CT imaging. Projects include weight-bearing CT of the knees to detect early osteoarthritis, which has been a long-running collaboration with FAU and Siemens. Other projects include dual energy imaging and high-resolution bone imaging. I will also discuss other work in spectral x-ray imaging, which enables visualization and quantification of individual materials to enhance guidance and diagnostic capabilities. In addition, I will discuss how x-ray scatter affects image quality and radiation dose to the patient and staff, and attempts to model it. Finally, I will touch on recent efforts using artificial intelligence, particularly on the “upstream” aspects of image formation, including system design, acquisition, pre-processing, and reconstruction.

Adam Wang, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Radiology at Stanford University. He completed his PhD at Stanford in 2012, on the topic of maximizing the information content of spectral x-ray imaging. He then completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins University in 2014, on iterative reconstruction and image registration of cone-beam CT for image-guided surgery. Afterwards, Dr. Wang was a Senior Scientist at Varian Medical Systems, developing systems and algorithms for image-guided radiation therapy. He returned to Stanford in 2018, where he now leads a research group developing novel x-ray and CT systems and methods.

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