Invited Talk “Ambient Health Intelligence” by Prof. Dr. Björn Schuller on Monday, 14h, Nov. 9th 2020

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It is a great pleasure to announce this invited talk by Prof. Dr. Björn Schuller from the University of Augsburg, Germany. He will present on “Ambient Health Intelligence” on Monday 14h, Nov 9th, 2020. Please join us using this link:

Abstract: The vision of accompanying Artificial Intelligence providing in situ health diagnosis wherever we are has long since been depicted on the big screen. More recently, however, former science fiction is steadily leaving the fiction grounds as more and more wearables feature more and more sensors with increasing features of intelligence. Already today’s smart watches and trackers monitor our heart rate, blood oxygen level, and recently also started to “listen in” equipped with microphones. But the promise held by such mobile health does not stop at recognising heart attacks, and with the IoT, sensing can embed surrounding sensors’ information leading into the era of Ambient Health Intelligence. This talk highlights the implication on the AI side facing challenges such as analysing data from largely unknown, potentially noisy and lossy sensor signals, fusion of highly asynchronous and heterogenous information, learning from little data, “green” efficient processing, or coping with uncertainty. For protection of our health data, but shared benefit from each other’s data, further considerations touch upon adversarial attacks and federated learning. Tomorrow’s ambient health intelligence may offer real-time and earlier diagnosis, and personalised therapy for all, anytime, anywhere, but it comes with great responsibility.

Short Bio: Björn W. Schuller received his diploma, doctoral degree, habilitation, and Adjunct Teaching Professor in Machine Intelligence and Signal Processing all in EE/IT from TUM in Munich/Germany. He is Full Professor of Artificial Intelligence and the Head of GLAM at Imperial College London/UK, Full Professor and Chair of Embedded Intelligence for Health Care and Wellbeing at the University of Augsburg/Germany, co-founding CEO and current CSO of audEERING – an Audio Intelligence company based near Munich and in Berlin/Germany, and permanent Visiting Professor at HIT/China amongst other Professorships and Affiliations. Previous stays include Full Professor at the University of Passau/Germany, and Researcher at Joanneum Research in Graz/Austria, and the CNRS-LIMSI in Orsay/France. He is a Fellow of the IEEE and Golden Core Awardee of the IEEE Computer Society, Fellow of the BCS, Fellow of the ISCA, President-Emeritus of the AAAC, and Senior Member of the ACM. He (co-)authored 900+ publications (30k+ citations, h-index=85), is Field Chief Editor of Frontiers in Digital Health and was Editor in Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing amongst manifold further commitments and service to the community. His 30+ awards include having been honoured as one of 40 extraordinary scientists under the age of 40 by the WEF in 2015. He served as Coordinator/PI in 15+ European Projects, is an ERC Starting and DFG Reinhart-Koselleck Grantee, and consultant of companies such as Barclays, GN, Huawei, or Samsung.