Expanding our international research network with world leading university

On 26.Oct.2023, a group of leading scientists and clinicians from the world leading Tsinghua University leading by Prof. Dong Jiahong – Dean of Tsinghua Medical School, director of Tsinghua affiliated Changgung Hospital and a renowned liver surgeon visit us to explore academic collaboration opportunities. This collaboration promises to bolster international efforts in deploying AI for comprehensive and precise cancer care. During the workshop, we demonstrated our latest advancements in deep learning, augmented reality, and large language models solving clinical challenges along the cancer pathway. Tsinghua university introduced the structure of their research ecosystem as well as most recent results on robotic and AI such as LLM application for clinical decision support and minimal invasive robotic for MR guided intervention. In total, this meeting signifies the beginning of what promises to be a highly productive and collaborative international academic relationship in the realm of medical technology.