BVM 2024 Proceedings Now Available for Global Access

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Erlangen, Germany – The esteemed “Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin” (BVM) Workshop, a cornerstone event in the field of medical imaging for over a quarter of a century, is proud to announce the availability of its 2024 proceedings. Published by Springer, the proceedings can be accessed globally via the link:

This year’s workshop, held from March 10 to 12 in Erlangen, continues the tradition of fostering in-depth discussions among scientists, industry professionals, and users. The BVM Workshop has consistently served as a vibrant platform for presenting cutting-edge research findings in medical imaging, encouraging the exchange of ideas and collaboration.

The 2024 proceedings encapsulate a wide array of topics within the realm of medical image processing. This includes advanced techniques in imaging and acquisition, segmentation and analysis, visualization and animation, computer-assisted diagnosis, as well as image-guided therapy planning and intervention. Notably, many contributions are in English, catering to an international audience.

A distinctive feature of this year’s contributions is the extensive use of machine learning methodologies, biomechanical modeling, as well as validation and quality assurance processes. These topics underscore the workshop’s commitment to innovation and excellence in tackling the complex challenges of medical imaging and diagnosis.

“We are delighted to make the BVM 2024 proceedings available to a global audience,” said Prof. Maier. “Our goal has always been to highlight the latest research and developments in medical imaging, and by doing so, contribute to the advancement of healthcare technology worldwide. We believe that the insights and findings presented in these proceedings will inspire further research and collaboration across disciplines.”

The BVM Workshop invites scientists, practitioners, and enthusiasts in the field of medical imaging and related disciplines to explore the 2024 proceedings. The organizers hope that this collection will serve as a valuable resource for advancing research and practice in medical imaging and beyond.

For more information about the BVM 2024 workshop visit its website. For access the proceedings, please visit Springer’s website.

About the BVM Workshop

The “Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin” (BVM) Workshop has been a leading event in the field of medical imaging for over 25 years. It aims to present current research results and deepen conversations among researchers, industry, and users in medical imaging. The workshop is renowned for its interdisciplinary approach, bridging the gap between theoretical research and practical application in healthcare.