Deep learning brain surface modelling for target volume definition in radiotherapy

Type: MA thesis

Status: running

Supervisors: Yixing Huang, PD Dr. med Florian Putz (Uniklinikum Erlangen), Andreas Maier

Master‘s thesis: 30 ECTS
Location: Department of Radiation Oncology, University Hospital Erlangen
Contact: Dr.Ing Yixing Huang
Requirement: Deep learning, good programming skills

Due to data privacy, this thesis need to be implemented in University Hospital Erlangen in person. Hopefully, we wish a student who can work around four days per week with us so that the thesis can be finished on time with the official six-month period plus around 1-2 month warming up.

Dr. Florian Putz has done some preliminary work. Therefore, this topic is very feasible for implementation.