Voice-enabled healthcare



Time and place:

  • Thu 8:15-9:45

Fields of study

  • WPF MT-MA from SEM 1

Prerequisites / Organizational information

Master-Studenten MT Semester 1-3 (und andere interessierte Fachrichtungen)


Voice recognition, speech synthesis, sentiment analysis and natural language processing are groundbreaking technologies for improved human machine interactions. This seminar intends to give students the opportunity to get in touch with the latest technologies in this space and venture out on a literature review or prototype building journey to improve healthcare applications. The seminar features a lecture part where participants are introduced to the algorithmic background of voice and natural language processing. You are enabled to analyze literature and / or develop own prototypes of voice-enabled healthcare applications. Potential fields of application include e.g. voice-controlled interventional devices and sentiment analysis for psychiatric diseases.


  • Understand science of voice recognition and natural language processing

  • Understand medical human interactions and medical needs

  • Analyze combinations of voice technologies and potential applications in medicine

  • Algorithmic background of voice recognition and NLP

  • Literature analysis and prototype building

  • Advanced knowledge: Medical technology

  • Basic knowledge: Medicine

Additional information

Expected participants: 10