SWITCH24: Stroke workshop at MICCAI 24

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Join us at the Stroke Workshop on Imaging and Treatment CHallenges (SWITCH) 2024 which is hosted at the MICCAI24 conference in Marrakesh. The main goal of the workshop is bringing clinicians and engineers closer together to overcome relevant practical challenges when treating & diagnosing stroke, a main reason for death and disability worldwide.
The workshop is composed of a keynote presentation, posters and talks from submitted papers and is concluded with the ISLES (stroke lesion segmentation) challenge results. Any imaging-based and stroke-related topic is welcome! If you are working in this direction, kindly consider handing in a 8-page manuscript.
SWITCH24 is organized by an international team including researchers from Erasmus MC, KU Leuven, Harvard Medical school, the Pattern Recognition Lab and many more.

See you there!

Date & Event Details:

Check out our website for more information: https://switchmiccai.github.io/switch/
Please note, that the deadline changed! If you have question or problems about meeting the new deadline, please reach out to us.