PRL goes to West China Hospital – International Collaboration Set to Transform Patient Care using AI

We are excited to announce a pioneering international collaboration with West China Hospital in Chengdu, China, one of the most prestigious medical institutions in the country. This initiative is generously supported by BayChina and Siemens Healthineers with financial and in-kind support, with a shared vision of bringing innovative AI solutions into the heart of clinical practice. This partnership is set to launch a sustainable exchange program, where in the first wave three PhD candidates from the Pattern Recognition Lab will embed within the departments of Orthopedics and Radiology at West China Hospital during 2024. Their mission is to leverage AI technologies to revolutionize the clinical workflow in radiology for breast cancer diagnosis, especially using MR images and enhance the quality and efficiency of spine surgery using intraoperative cone beam CT. The collaboration between FAU’s Pattern Recognition Lab and West China Hospital, underpinned by the support from BayChina and Siemens Healthineers, represents a significant step forward in integrating cutting-edge AI research with practical clinical applications. By focusing on critical areas such as breast cancer diagnosis and spine surgery, this initiative aims to not only improve diagnostic accuracy and treatment outcomes but also to streamline patient care processes, making them more efficient and patient-friendly. The exchange program is a testament to the power of international cooperation in advancing medical science and healthcare technologies as well as to increase the accessibility of medical resources . By combining the expertise of leading researchers, clinicians, and industry partners, this collaboration is poised to set new standards in medical imaging and surgical practices, ultimately paving the way for a future where AI-driven solutions are at the forefront of patient care. For more information about the Pattern Recognition Lab and its initiatives, please contact Dr.-Ing Siming Bayer (