Pattern Recognition Lab’s PhD candidate presents her research to the Minister for Education and Research

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At the Digital Summit 2023, Nora Gourmelon, PhD candidate at the Pattern Recognition Lab, presented her award-winning research to the Federal Minister of Education and Research, Bettina Stark-Watzinger.

About her research, Gourmelon says: “My research area is Green AI, where I am currently focusing on AI-based automation of glacier monitoring. With this automation, it will soon be possible to study the dynamics of glacier calving fronts in the Arctic over the years and during different seasons. This knowledge will help us to better understand the effects of climate change on glaciers. In addition, we will be able to calibrate our glacier and climate models with the extracted front positions and thus further improve them.”

The meeting was organized by AI Grid, an initiative that strengthens the exchange and synergies between young talents in the field of artificial intelligence.

Copyright image: AI Grid/Franziska Peters