Pattern Recognition Lab Software archived in the Artic

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GitHub decided to backup several open-source software projects in the artic in the GitHub Archive Project. It’s a great pleasure to announce that five of the lab’s software projects made it to the list of projects archived there:

CONRAD is an open-source framework for computed tomography allowing to simulate and reconstruct data using flat-panel X-ray acquisitions.

PYRO-NN brings the world of deep learning and image reconstruction together using differentiable reconstruction operators.

SlideRunner is a tool to annotate histopathological slide and image data.

EXACT is an open-source image data analysis tool that allows collaborative and versioned labeling of 2-D, 2-D+t, and 3-D image data.

eye-motion-simulation can be used to simulate realistically appearing motion artifact in OCT and OCTA imaging.

Congratulations to all our artic code contributors and their service to the community!