Pattern Recognition Lab – COVID-19 Measures

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The Pattern Recognition Lab is engaged to combat the global COVID-19 pandemic. In order to limit the spread, we engaged in the following measures:

  1. Exams postponed: All written, oral and PhD exams are postponed until further notice. This measure is extreme. Therefore, we will be flexible in taking exams as soon as they are possible again. We will also offer exam during the lecture term to cope the current situation.
  2. Seminars & Teaching: All seminars and teaching will be conducted online for the time being. As the DFN Systems are overloaded, we installed our own web-conference system based on jitsi. The link to the online system is available at request.
  3. Home Office: Home office is encouraged for all lab members. Student computer rooms are closed. The computer science building is closed for public assess; only persons with valid access card can enter. Still, our admin team (Iris, Sven, Kristina, and Prof. Maier) will be in the lab two days per week to keep the paper work going.
  4. Online appointments after 13h are encouraged to support parents who have to teach their kids in the morning hours.

We hope that these measures will be effective and will result in declining infection numbers soon. We will also try to the this news mechanism to inform everybody about the going situation.