New PhD student

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Sheethal Bhat received her B.Sc degree in Electronics and Electrical engineering in 2004 from SJCE university, Mysore, India. After working two years as a software developer in IBM, India, she completed her first M.Sc in Electrical and Computer engineering in 2008, from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA, while focusing on Image processing and Pattern recognition. She then worked as a Systems Engineer and later as a Imaging Power and Performance Systems architect for the mobile phone division in Intel Corp, USA for 5 years until 2014. Her experience in Intel included camera sensors, image quality evaluation, power and performance modeling for Imaging and Video systems, low power architecture, software, hardware and systems design. A 6 year sabbatical was followed by her current M.Sc. degree in Friedrich-Alexander-University, which was completed in 2022. Her master’s thesis focused on self-supervised learning in Chest X-Rays, completed in collaboration with Siemens Healthineers where she will continue in the same project as a ph.D. candidate under Prof. Andreas Maier.