More than 1.500 students enrolled in Classes of the Pattern Recognition Lab in Winter Semester 2021/22!

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We welcome all of our more than 1.500 new students to our classes this semester. We are very glad that our courses are popular and hope that you will enjoy them. As many of our students are from an international background, we decided to keep the online format as in the previous semesters supported by additional hybrid Q&A sessions.

These are the stats for this year’s lectures as of today:

Course# Students
Pattern Recognition (PR)692
Deep Learning (DL)406
Introduction to Machine Learning (IntroML)317
Cognitive Neuroscience for AI Developers (CNAID)147
Voice-enabled Healthcare5
Deep Learning for Beginners247
Medical Image Processing for Diagnostic Applications19
Medical Image Processing for Interventional Applications13
Lectures in this Winter Term

Also, we offer a variety of seminars and projects this semester:

Looking forward to a great winter term!