Invited Talk – Prof. Dr. Julio Vera-González: Computational modelling of gene regulatory networks in cancer – Feb 3rd 2021, 14h CET

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Prof. Dr. Julio Vera-Gonzalez will present on his latest results on computational modelling of gene regulatory networks.

Title: Computational modelling of gene regulatory networks in cancer. Methods and applications to detect predictive signatures
Date: Feb 3rd 2021, 14h CET

Abstract: Multifactorial diseases like cancer are not controlled by single genes, but instead by dense networks of interacting genes, proteins and RNAs. Comprehensive reconstruction and analysis of these networks requires quantitative data and network analysis algorithms.

In addition, these networks are enriched in feedback and feedforward loops that make their dynamics complex and highly non-linear. One can use different types of computational models to simulate the dynamics of the networks. The information obtained can be used to delineate gene signatures that predict for cancer aggressiveness or resistance to therapy. 

In this talk we discuss these concepts and illustrate the ideas with published case studies. 

Short Bio: Prof. Dr. Julio Vera is a physicist working in medical systems biology since 2005. Since 2013 he is professor of Systems Tumor Immunology at the UK Erlangen and FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg. His expertise is in mathematical modelling, bioinformatics and network biology. He applies multi-criteria decision algorithms to biomedicine.