Invited Talk – Nils Köbis: A machine behavior approach to AI ethics, Wed Sept 22nd, 9 AM CET

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Peter Valckx

We have the great honor to welcome Dr. Nils Köbis to our lab for an invited presentation!

Title: A machine behavior approach to AI ethics
Date: Wed Sept 22nd, 9 AM CET

Abstract: Machines powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) are now influencing the behavior of humans in ways that are both like and unlike the ways humans influence each other. In light of recent research showing that other humans can exert a strong corrupting influence on people’s ethical behavior, worry emerges about the corrupting power of AI agents. To estimate the empirical validity of these fears, we present new experimental evidence on how AI influences human ethical behavior. We propose a framework that highlights four main social roles through which both humans and machines can influence ethical behavior are (a) role model,(b) advisor,(c) partner, and (d) delegate. Based on these insights, we outline a research agenda that aims at providing more behavioral insights for better AI oversight.

Bio: Nils Köbis is a Post-Doctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Human DevelopmentCenter for Humans and Machines, He is a behavioral scientist working on corruption, (un-)ethical behavior, social norms, and, more recently, artificial intelligence. Also, he co-founded the the Interdisciplinary Corruption Research Network and together with Matthew Stephenson and Christopher Starke hosts the KickBack – Global AntiCorruption Podcast. Previously he completed a Post-Doc CREED, Department of Economics, University of Amsterdam. and a Ph.D. in Social Psychology at the VU Free University Amsterdam.