Invited Talk: Heidi Christiansen (U Sheffield) – Automated Processing of Pathological Speech: Recent Work and ongoing Challenges, Wednesday, Dec. 1st 2021, 12h, noon CET

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This week, we will have Heidi Christiansen from the University of Sheffield as a guest to present her latest developments.

Title: Automated processing of pathological speech: recent work and ongoing challenges
Date: Dec. 1st 2021, 12h, noon CET

Abstract: This talk will outline the major challenging in porting mainstream speech technology to the domain of clinical applications; in particular, the need for personalised systems, the challenge of working in an inherently sparse data domain and developing meaningful collaborations with all stakeholders.  The talk will give an overview of recent state-of-the-art research from current projects including in the areas of recognition of disordered speech and the automatic processing of conversations and the automatic detection at the University of Sheffield (UK)’s Speech and Hearing (SPandH) & Healthcare lab.

Short Bio: Heidi is a Senior Lecturer (associate professor) in Computer Science at the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. Her research interests are on the application of AI-based voice technologies to healthcare. In particular, the detection and monitoring of people’s physical and mental health including verbal and non-verbal traits for expressions of emotion, anxiety, depression and neurodegenerative conditions in e.g., therapeutic or diagnostic settings.

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