Invited Talk – Florian Willomitzer: Fundamental Limits in Computational 3D Imaging – From Novel 3D Cameras to Looking around Corners, Wed. March 24th 2021, 16h CET

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Florian Willomitzer is former PhD graduate of FAU and is now back to report on his latest exciting research that he conducted during his time as research assistant professor at Northwestern University.

Title: Fundamental Limits in Computational 3D Imaging – From Novel 3D Cameras to Looking around Corners
Date & Time: Wed. March 24th 2021, 16h CET

Abstract: In recent years, the introduction of modern computer vision algorithms has led to new and exciting developments in imaging sciences, such as lidar 3d mapping for autonomous driving or medical imaging and displaying tools that assist doctors in diagnosis and therapy. In light of the seemingly limitless opportunities of these developments, the knowledge about fundamental limits has become even more important: By knowing that our imaging device already operates at the physical limit (e.g., of resolution), we can avoid unnecessary investments in better hardware, such as faster detectors, better optics, or cameras with higher pixel resolution. Moreover, limits often appear as uncertainty products, making it possible to optimize our measurement towards a specific quantity (e.g., speed) by trading in information less critical for the respective application. Although the imaging device is essential in this optimization, the central role is assumed by the illumination, which serves as an encoder of the desired information.

In this talk, I will discuss the virtue of limits and merit of illumination modalities in computational 3D imaging systems using examples of my research. Among other projects, I will introduce a novel method to image hidden objects through scattering media or around corners and the ‘single-shot 3D video camera’ – a highly precise 3D sensor for the dense measurement of fast macroscopic live scenes.

Short Bio: Florian Willomitzer is a Research Assistant Professor at Northwestern University, USA. He graduated from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, where he received his Ph.D. degree with honors (‘summa cum laude’) in 2017. During his doctoral studies Florian investigated physical and information theoretical limits of optical 3D-sensing and implemented sensors that operate close to these limits.
At Northwestern University, Florian and his students develop novel techniques to overcome traditional resolution limitations and dynamic range restrictions in 3D and 2D imaging. Moreover, Florian’s research is focused on new methods to image hidden objects through scattering media or around corners, high-resolution holographic displays, and the implementation of high precision metrology methods in low-cost mobile handheld devices.

Florian is currently Chair of the OSA COSI conference and has served as reviewer for OSA, IEEE, SPIE, and the Nature Portfolio. His Ph.D. thesis was awarded with the Springer Theses Award for Outstanding Ph.D. Research.