Invited Talk – Alicia Fornes – Computer vision applied to historical handwritten documents: Oportunities and challenges, April 7th 2021, 12h CET

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Alicia Fornes is performing ground-breaking research in hand-written document analysis at the Computer Vision Center, Barcelona, Spain. So, it’s a great pleasure to welcome her in Erlangen virtually next week!

Title: Computer vision applied to historical handwritten documents: Oportunities and challenges
Date: April 7th 2021, 12h CET

Abstract: Lately, document image analysis and recognition systems have become fundamental for recognizing, searching and extracting information from historical manuscripts, easing the access and indexing of our cultural heritage. However, and even with the recent advances in deep learning, historical handwritten documents are difficult due to the variability in the handwriting styles and the few available labelled data. For this reason, synthetic data generation, domain adaptation or few-shot learning techniques have been proposed for alleviating those problems. This talk will overview some of these techniques, showing examples of their application to textual documents, music scores or enciphered manuscripts, and discussing some of the open challenges.

Short Bio: Dr. Alicia Fornés is a Senior Research Fellow at the Computer Vision Center (CVC) and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). She has more than 100 publications in international conferences and journals. She has participated in many research and technology transfer projects related to the recognition of handwritten documents. She received the IAPR/ICDAR Young Investigator Award in 2017 for outstanding contributions in the recognition of handwriting, text and graphics, with high impact to the field of Digital Humanities. Her research interests include historical document image analysis, handwriting recognition and optical music recognition.