13.5 Million EUR for AI in the Recycling Industry: K3I Cycling now funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research

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The aim of K3I-Cycling is the significant quantitative and qualitative improvement in the mechanical recycling of post-consumer plastic packaging waste. For this purpose, K3I-Cycling is using an artificial neural twin to develop a new, open and standardizable AI interface for the cross-sectoral collection of relevant information in the sense of a lightweight packaging product pass. This enables the digital networking of all stakeholders along the value chain for the first time. An artificial neural twin is a fully differentiable representation of the overall system, with which individual components can be optimized in relation to the overall system. Here, sensory information of all kinds along the material flow is recorded as data.

Andreas Maier, Fraunhofer EZRT
Klaus Bertmann, LOBBE GmbH