CAVAREV: CArdiac VAsculature Reconstruction EValuation

Cavarev Dataset

The main goal of CAVAREV is to enable an easy and objective comparison of different dynamic reconstruction algorithms.

The area of application is the 3-D and 4-D reconstruction of contrasted cardiac vessels, e.g. the coronary arteries using C-arm CT (rotational angiography). Various methods exist in literature with lots of nice results. However, the results can vary significantly between phantom and real clinical data.

Therefore, we provide:

  • Open (i.e. public) and easy accessible projection data.
  • Anatomically and physiologically correct projection data based on patient data.
  • Two degrees of difficulty: (a) Strictly periodic cardiac motion and (b) an aperiodic combination of cardiac and breathing motion.
  • An online evaluation platform where 3-D reconstructions can be uploaded and the reconstruction quality is assessed objectively.

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