Invited Talk – Daniel Rückert: AI and the future of Radiology – Wed July 21st, 2021 12h (noon) CET

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AG Rückert; Prof. Daniel Rückert, Lehrstuhl für Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Medicine (Prof. Rückert) (Joint Appointment der Fakultät für Medizin und Fakultät für Informatik) Foto: Andreas Heddergott /TUM; Verwendung frei für die Berichterstattung über die TUM bei Nennung des Copyrights / Free for use in reporting on TUM, with the copyright noted© Andreas Heddergott / TU Muenchen Verwendung frei fuer die Berichterstattung ueber die TU Muenchen unter Nennung des Copyrights

It’s a great pleasure to have Daniel Rückert as a guest speaker in our seminar series!

Title: AI and the future of Radiology
Date: Wed July 21st, 2021 12h (noon) CET

Abstract: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing many fields across science and across our society. In this talk, we will discuss how AI is and will change medicine and healthcare, in particular in the field of radiology. In particular, I will focus on how AI can support the early detection of diseases in medical imaging as well as help with improved diagnosis and personalised therapies. I will describe how deep learning can be used for the reconstruction of medical images from undersampled data, image also super-resolution, image segmentation and image classification in the context of cardiac, fetal and neuroimaging. Furthermore, we will discuss how AI solutions can be privacy-preserving while also providing trustworthy and explainable solutions for clinicians. Finally, I will discuss future developments and challenges for AI in radiology and medicine more generally.

Bio: Professor Rückert’s field of research is the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning and their application to medicine and healthcare. His research focuses on (1) the development of innovative algorithms for biomedical image acquisition, image analysis and image interpretation – especially in the areas of image reconstruction, registration, segmentation, traching and modelling; (2) AI for extracting clinically useful information from biomedical images – especially for computer-assisted diagnosis and prognosis. Since 2020, Daniel Rückert is Alexander von Humboldt Professor for AI in Medicine and Healthcare at the Technical University of Munich. He is also a Professor at Imperial College London. He gained a MSc from Technical University Berlin in 1993, a PhD from Imperial College in 1997, followed by a post-doc at King’s College London. In 1999 he joined Imperial College as a Lecturer, becoming Senior Lecturer in 2003 and full Professor in 2005. From 2016 to 2020 he served as Head of the Department of Computing at Imperial College.

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